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                               YUGOSLAV SHEPHERD DOG



                                                BRIEF  HISTORY

The shepherd dog of Sarplanina is Yugoslav dog breed from ancient times in all South-Eastern mountain regions of Yugoslavia. Most frequently found in the region of Sarplanina (Shara mountain), hence the name, now it is breed throughout the country The breed was registered with FCI in 1939., reg. No.41, under the name of Illyrian shepherd dog. In 1957., at the request of JKS (Yugoslav association), FCI accepted the change of name into Yugoslav Shepherd Dog - Sarplaninac. Its true origin can only be speculated upon. It had probably come from Asia to Europe and the Balkans, alongside the cattle herded by the peoples migrating that way. However, it has remained unchanged in type only in the previously mentioned regions, where extensive sheep herding is still the predominant type, with this dog as an irreplaceable herding dog and guard againts wild animals.

                                BREEDENG FARM  "OD VUKA" YU  F.C.I. 2329
I am pleased with the fact of beeing chosen for communication with you

My name is Nenad M. Orašanin. I am living in part of Beograd, called Zemun.Professionally, I`m an Radar
Air Traffic Controller at "Beograd" Airport.
My orientation for Šarplaninac is dated from 1983. I had need of a strong, brave and clever dog, and among
world famous shepherd dogs I have chosen Šarplaninac. At last Šarplaninac is Yugoslav domicile dog.
I was lucky, and I chose, without previous gathering the information, good female puppy. That puppy,
called Rona, has famous father, VIF with - CH YU - title, selected in military Kennel "Niš", after some time
moved in Kennel of Sremska Mitrovica Prisonery. For that time these two Kennels were working good and
have produced a wery nice dog generations. Nowadays, big state Kennels are working without results, and
possesing dogs with average quality.My breeding activities started at 1986. In the next few years, I have
got a reputation of the leading breeder, and my breeding farm "OD VUKA" YU have produced famous dogs:


I ask You not to understand my statement as immodest, before You read some facts of my of my
breeding activity.
I am very pedantic and precise in my activities and and I have made very precise documentation about
my work for each year. For these years I have cought sight of same problems of this breed, and collected
volumnious documentation about Šarplaninac.For that period my dogs have had 50 exibitions wins (CACIB and CAC YU) and have participated exibitions all through former Yugoslavia, Italy, Deutchland and Austria.
For that period my male dogs have coupled over 500 bitches, and my breeding farmhave produced over 500 puppies.  Our dogs are famous all over the globe, from Alaska and Finland at North, throughover  Canada,
USA, Belgium, Netherland, Deutchland, Italy, Czech R., Hungary, Greece, Former Jugoslavia, to African
countries as Libya, Centaral and South Africa.

Any information available on orasanin@eunet.yu